Welcome to Koerber - Ledy

Welcome to Koerber + L├ędy

Our core business:

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To support foreign food suppliers commercially in their introduction of products to Germany, so that they are more able to strike firm roots in our national market.

Our work shall be in particular:

Creative & realistic – persistent – accurate – trustworthy.

Hartmut Dicke

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Our Credo:

A foreign food product which German consumers understand and like at first sight promises more initial success and a much longer life cycle. That is worth the effort of adaption to the market!

Our core services concept:

K+L offer a range of services around the adaption and introduction of foreign food products to Germany. Our core services:

  • To develop solid, concrete proposals on how to succeed: With which idea of consumer needs that the product shall meet; with which product image and design concept; through which pricing; through which distribution channels…
  • To care closely for the process of product adaption: packaging design, impeccable legal declaration, communication, coping with regulations and bureaucracy, physical distribution concept, et cetera.
  • Active sales or sales management.